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2018 USA Trip – Week 6

Week 6 marks the halfway point of my US stay. Work continues to be busy and challenging.

Outside of work, I took a week off gym to let some recovery and injuries to catch up and heal. Been dealing with some bad exertion headaches for the last few weeks. Went back to the gym on Monday and the headaches were back in full force after some squats. It’s looking like I will need some extended break to make that go away completely. Any exercise just aggravates it at this stage…

On to more exciting things. I went to New York City for the weekend! It is such a strange and cool place! The trip started with catching a 4 hour bus ride from Annapolis on early Saturday morning and I arrived in 27th at 10-ish. I proceeded to spend the rest of the day just walking down towards the south end of Manhattan and exploring around.