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2018 USA Trip – Week 9

Week 9 in the US: Air & Space Edition!

A belated update. It’s been pretty hectic around here with work and what not.

Most people probably don’t know this but I love space stuff ever since I was a kid! I don’t know much about them but I sure do love rockets and spaceships!

A while after I got back from NYC I discovered that there is actually a space shuttle on display in Manhattan and I completely missed it! I was more devastated than missing out on seeing lady liberty up close.

Luckily, the Discovery space shuttle at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center is only an hour drive from where I am. So, I finally went with a buddy on Sunday to check it out.

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2018 USA Trip – Week 5

Week 5: Super Late Update Edition.

Week 5 has seen a few roller coaster rides with two failed late night Skype interviews due to bad internet connectivity. Turned out video chatting with people across the globe is still a hard problem 💔⛑️

I was back in DC on Sunday and visited a few more places.