Playing with Instagram Promotion

Golden Decay: Fungi on Wood
Golden Decay: Fungi on Wood

I have been experimenting with Instagram promotions for the past few weeks. AKA wasting good old money on nothing 😄.

Jesting aside, it was an interesting experiment on seeing the effects of the Instagram content placement algorithm at full force. It gave me some understanding and appreciation on why some folks on the interweb proclaim that the algorithmic post placement is terrible when compared to the old chronological ways.

At last. As much as I crave internet karma points and attention from strangers universe wide. It was a little embarrassing running a self promotion.

At the same time, It was also super cool and inspiring to witness that the content that I produce do have some mass appeal! So, yay for Ben!

Also, there are just so many bots…

These were the 2 main observations I made:

1) Whether intentional or not, modern media content algorithms are increasingly burying us in our own content consumption bubbles under the guise of prioritising contents to what we want to see or care about. Those pictures of cats you like over and over again. Well, you’re only gonna get even more of those! In my own experience. Google Play Music and Facebook do similar things.

If you like discovering new things. You really need to go out of your way to find them.

2) If you’re someone that plays the Instagram game, you need to solve the chicken and egg question of followers VS impressions. To gain followers you need to have a large amount of impressions from a sizable audience. But in order to have those impressions you would actually need a sizeable follower base to begin with to convince the algorithmic gods that your content is popular.

Rembrandt has been regarded as one of the greatest visual artist in history not only because he was a master at what he did, but also his work was highly recognised. How does one rise above today’s noise floor as an everyday layperson who might be trying to make a break?

(Of course I am most definitely not comparing myself to Rembrandt, of whom three arts were mastered. 🎩😅)

By Benjamin Huang

Software developer, photographer, gamer, food junkie and music lover.

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