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Red Trees On Narrabundah Hills

Aside from my usual Anime/Netflix binge, I have been spending a lot of time outside of work this week on my photography, albeit mostly away from the shutter button.

Photo re-edits continued as I finish up re-editing my recent milky way panoramic photo. This coincides with BigW finally doing a discount on the 50x150cm canvas print that I have been eyeing. The more heavy handed edit will hopefully bring out more of the stars and make for a more visually interesting piece to look at. Not entirely sure I actually want to fork out the money for the print yet. It’s expensive and I also don’t really have space for hanging it right now…🤔

I have also re-edited some photos I took at Narrabundah Hill. Mostly on some of the more boring ones that are not really up to my portfolio standard. The muted two tone complimentary colours look is pretty popular at the moment so I have been experimenting with applying that to some of the Narrabundah Hill photos. It is a real challenge as the typical Canberra outdoor photo is mostly consisted of red-ish brown (ground), olive green (trees), blue (haze) and whatever colour the sky has at the time that I shoot. Which covers a huge continuous blob of the colour wheel. These are also not the most pleasant colours together outside of golden hour.

I think I have worked out a few tricks though. Like creating gaps in colour transitions to create distinctions and using a single colour to isolate subjects. This is obviously a big step away from my usual style but it does add something to my arsenal for photos with colours that are so so but has interesting compositions out of camera.

In other news. I have been thinking about resuscitating my blog. My Instagram rambling has been getting wordier and wordier. A few friends have also commented that they actually enjoy reading my brain dumps, which is very inspiring. In the interest of owning and preserving my own post content, I think blogging and having my own corner of the internet is a good idea. 📜📜📜

Red Trees On Narrabundah Hill
Red Trees On Narrabundah Hill

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