2018 USA Trip – Week 10

Week 10 in the US: Count Down Edition

I almost forgot to do an update for week 10. Then I had to fumble around for a photo just now.

It has been 10 weeks in the US of A! I will begin my flight back to good old Down Under on Saturday. So the 5 day count down begins today! ⏳✈️🌎🌏

This weekend I spent a lot of time reading. Finished some National Geographic magazines that I borrowed from a friend since forever ago… I also went to Barnes and Noble for a couple hours and unloaded a bunch of book off their shelves. My small suitcase is now full of books with three more expected to arrive soon from Amazon… Fingers crossed it won’t be over the weight limit. ⚖️🏋️📚

I then spent the better part of Sunday reviving my old blog which I haven’t touched for almost 12 months, and trying to figure out a way to sell photo prints in a cheaper way. Shootproof charges a fair bit each month. With the amount of prints I’m selling at the moment, which is essentially none. It’s costing a bit too much. 🖼️💸

I am also looking very hard to get a Sony A7 III with genuine Australian warranty but it’s sold out everywhere… If anyone knows where I could buy one. Please DM me. 🙏📷

I have become carless again after returning my rental on Sunday. Back to carpooling for the rest or the week! 🚙

Work was hectic. I did a presentation today! Think I did well! I kinda bombed the practice run last week so I made sure to spend some extra time on practicing and made some notes before hand.

Not many days left now. I miss my car and my friends! I have become accustomed to the summer weather here but I also miss the cold!!!


This is a post originally posted to my Instagram account. In the interest of preserving the weekly photo journal for my US 2018 trip. I am republishing them here on my own blog (with corrections and sometimes new photos).

Original post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmuJ6d3FULw

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