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2018 USA Trip – Week 2

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US Week 2 SummaryWork.
• Went to the Cheesecake Factory. Had an overwhelming amount of pasta for dinner, plus cheesecake for desert.
• Tried to go kayaking in Virginia but the place closed cause thunderstorms ⛈️.
• Ordered a long island iced tea without knowing it was alcoholic. Whoops 😛.
• Went to an Amish food market and experienced consumable happiness. Their soft pretzels are like heaven descended into your mouth. 😍
• Visited downtown Annapolis. Wandered around the Naval Academy. Saw old colourful old buildings and had ramen. Then went to the State House and learnt a bit about George Washington.
• Got a cold. I think 🤔. Headaches are not nice. I blame the weather, but it’s really my inability to adult and take care of myself 😷.
• Caught the metro and went to Washington DC. Walked around and visited some museums.
• Saw the Washington Monument and can’t stop thinking about Spiderman Homecoming.
• Went to a spy museum and learnt about spy stuff. They had an entire area dedicated to the James Bond movies 😄.
• Had more ramen 🍜.
• Saw the Whitehouse, surrounded by layers upon layers of fences. It’s a lot smaller than it looks in movies and TVs 😐.
• Saw a lot of cool, old school looking government buildings around the area. Walked by the Trump hotel.
• Went to the National Air and Space Museum and saw lots of rocket and space stuff! ❤️🚀🚀🚀
• Got a gijillion mosquito/bug bites on my arms and legs. Still not sure when or where…
• Just binged a dozen buffalo wings and fries for dinner to celebrate that my lifting game has progressed even with the throbbing headaches going on. Who am I kidding. I just wanted to eat lots of wings 😅

Quite a long list 🇺🇲🎉

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This is a post originally posted to my Instagram account. In the interest of preserving the weekly photo journal for my US 2018 trip. I am republishing them here on my own blog (with corrections and sometimes new photos).

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