2018 USA Trip – Week 1

Week 1 in the US has been a long week. Mostly because I gained 14 hours going through all the timezones 😄

I have been getting a bit culture shocked. People here say “excuse me” the same way we say “sorry” or “pardon” and everyone walk/drive on the right hand side. I am also continuing to get surprised by the size of food portions and cars here. Four door ute’s with 5+ litre engines seem like quite a common thing.

Found out fireflies are a thing here. It was a magical moment when I saw them during an evening coming back from dinner. Did you know fireflies are beetles and their light is almost 100% energy efficient? The ones I see around my place fly around with their abdominals hanging low and are not afraid of people.

I spent the last three days trying to get a good photo of the fireflies. Don’t think I’m quite got it yet. There’s a fair amount of them but not enough to make it easy to photograph 🤔.

This photo is basically a stack of 40-ish semi long exposures blended together. There’s a lot more to experiment with still.



This is a post originally posted to my Instagram account. In the interest of preserving the weekly photo journal for my US 2018 trip. I am republishing them here on my own blog (with corrections and sometimes new photos).

Original post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BkOOw6PFIaT/

By Benjamin Huang

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