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2018 USA Trip – Fast Food

Welcome to the land of the free. Where the foods are plenty and the servings are big.

Ordering a half sandwich and a large ice coffee for lunch at Panera Bread meant getting a burger sized sandwich and a self-filled 1 litre cup 🤔

So if you’re ordering anything large in the States. You better mean it. 😄

Jet lag is a bitch. During the day, I am literally nodding off everytime I close my eyes. As someone who normally doesn’t drink coffee. It took me two days to realise it is the solution. That 1 litre of coffee kept me awake for the entire afternoon! 🐝

From my limited experience, the American coin system has not kept up with inflation. I now have enough pennies to operate a coin pusher arcade machine 🤣💰💰. Photo was my dinner for tonight. Teriyaki chicken with prawn on fried rice from a shopping mall fast food place. The lady asked me if I wanted vegies. I said yes. Thought I should give the green stuff a go. Gotta be healthy and all that 😄


This is a post originally posted to my Instagram account. In the interest of preserving the weekly photo journal for my US 2018 trip. I am republishing them here on my own blog (with corrections and sometimes new photos).

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