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A doggy afternoon

A thing happened on Wednesday (I have yet to decide on a single word that could summarise that experience).

It was a Wednesday late afternoon and I just got home from work. I was loitering around the front yard checking the mailbox and getting things out of my car.

All of a sudden, this thing runs over and started nosing around. It was a doggie!

Stranger dog sniffing around.
Suspect at the crime scene.

Here is what I think went on inside its head at the time: “Oh hello human, are you my new master? Can we be friends forever?”; “Oh I have an uncontrollable need to sniff out these grass here.”; “Hey! What’s in your back yard? What’s in the garage?”; “Hey, you’re still here, let me climb onto you!” …

I wasn’t sure what was going on. Is the owner nearby? Maybe a neighbour’s dog decided to walk itself? I reached down and gave it (I forgot to see if doggie was a boy or a girl πŸ˜›) a pat and it seemed very friendly.

“Hey buddy, where’s your owner?”, I asked. It panted and wagged its tail at me for a bit then rushed over to my car to investigate the tyres. Maybe it will run home when my car passes quality inspections. I thought.

Doggie hung around for a bit more and didn’t take off after a couple minutes. I decided to walk around the area to see if anyone was looking for their dog. The little bugger followed along without any drama but it would occasionally stop and take a few whiff of something it found interesting on the way.

The town was empty without a ghost so we walked back. Along the way we went by someone’s house. A dog inside its backyard started barking at us. My little buddy just froze on the spot and started making these upset noises. I said, “come on buddy, let’s go.”. It quickly rushed over and we moved along. Looks like our 4 legged buddy here is in distress.

I messaged a few friends for help. One suggested checking the dog tag. But there was no tag!

Stranger dog with no tag.
Who are you!?

Friends on the other side of the internet quickly suggested taking the dog to the local vet to get its chip scanned.

I opened the passenger side door and politely asked our lost buddy to get in and of course it refused! Fine, I will go and start the car first. I went to the drive side, got in the car and started it up. Doggie came around and decided to climb in as well. It claimed its new throne on my legs and stood still.

Wrong side mate …


I moved doggie to the passenger seat and off we went. Along the way I prayed to all the gods that our buddy won’t do anything funny in my car …

Once we were at the vet, one of the staff found the dog chip with their little scanner but she couldn’t find doggie in the databases that they had access to. I was promised that doggie will be kept for a day or two while they try and find out where it belonged.

Good bye buddy. Our time together was short but sweet. I hope you are home soon.  🐢🏠❀️

By Benjamin Huang

Benjamin Huang. Solutions developer with experience in desktop, mobile and web developments. Photographer, gamer, food junkie and music lover.

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