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Overwatch Player Log


Overwatch Player Log
Overwatch Player Log

Today marks the first release of Overwatch Player Log. It’s a little utility program that allows you to record your favorite (or not!) players that you have met in Overwatch!

Overwatch Player Log main window
Overwatch Player Log main window

The app is written in C++ with Qt.

You can create entries of individual players. Highlight them as your favorite. Flag whether you like them or not and save a little note about them for later. Search is provided to go through the list of players that you have saved. From the app, you can go directly to PlayOverwatch, Overbuff or MasterOverwatch to view a player’s profile and stats.

The data is stored in a local SQLite3 database. The location is configurable.

The source is open and available on github:

The app is available for both Windows and MacOS. You can download it from here:


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