A doggy afternoon

A thing happened on Wednesday (I have yet to decide on a single word that could summarise that experience).

It was a Wednesday late afternoon and I just got home from work. I was loitering around the front yard checking the mailbox and getting things out of my car.

All of a sudden, this thing runs over and started nosing around. It was a doggie!

Stranger dog sniffing around.
Suspect at the crime scene.

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A Novice’s Thoughts On Photography & The Fujifilm X-T1

The Fujifilm X-T1

This is a post of my thoughts on the Fujifilm X-T1 camera and my photography journey as a photography novice . It is not exactly a review but if you are new to photography like me and are considering buying into the Fujifilm camera systems, especially the X-T1 then perhaps this could provide you with some insight. No promise!

The Fujifilm X-T1
The Fujifilm X-T1

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The “Hexagon of Destiny” game.

Today I played a  little game with my younger cousin that her primary school friends came up with. I call it the Hexagon of Destiny.

This is a two person game, but my little brother Kevin joined in any way, and we took turns. With one person being the “Fortune teller”, you start by drawing a square on a piece of paper(I know a square is not a hexagon, nor the other way around. I will explain later).

Now. The “Fortune teller” has to ask the other person to come up with four potential places to live in. A mansion,  on the streets, a pent house. Whatever. Next the person has to provide a number of names (we used 4 or 5). The person has to provide female names if he’s a male, and vice versa. After that, the person has to provide some numbers (it can be random or whatever and how many ever you like). Lastly, the person has to propose a number of color (you should get the jeez of it by now). Each section of information is placed at each edge of the square. In total there were four sections each for an individual edge of the square. The basic preparation of the game is now completed. Like this:


To start. The “fortune teller” starts drawing a curved line spiraling out from the middle inside the square, or you could spiral in from the edge. It doesn’t matter. The line is stopped when the other person says “stop”. We then cut the spiral into half and count the  total number of, from both half. Like this:

hexagon_of_destiny_spiralThe fun part begins here. Starting from the first element in the place section. The “Fortune teller” counts from 1 up to the number of lines. For example, there were 12 lines. Then count from 1 to 12. Then you cross out that element (going back to the example, that would be the 12th element).  By crossing out the element, it means that you won’t have this  happen to you in your life. You can count in counter clockwise direction,  or clockwise. Going back to the example, the 12th element might land you at the color section at red , in this case we had color for the color of the car that you will own in your future.  Because red is crossed out, the person won’t own a red car in the future. Like this:


The “Fortune teller” then counts again from the next element. This repeats until each section has only one element left, and these are the person’s destiny. Remember that. When an element is crossed out. It is not allowed to be counted again. Also, when a section has only one element left, then it is skipped, as the destiny is already ‘settled’.

Eventually we came up with more two more ideas for new sections, and hence the “Hexagon of Destiny”. Feel free to come up with your own sections. We had: 1, Where the person ended up living in. 2, the person they are going to marry. 3, the number of kids that the person will conceive. 4, the colour of the car the person will own. 5, the amount of money that the person will win from lottery. and 6. the number of tattoos you will have.

It was interesting , none the less, I was fascinated by the kind of games that 12 year-old’s came come up with and play now days…

Infinity Box and interactive graphics

A week or two back I’ve finally setup a blog for Infinity Box Studios using wordpress on the same host. Originally I thought it would had been too much work, so I actually considered embedding something like blogger or tumblr into the home page since I did the webpage using Adobe Muse. That would have meant that I won’t get 100% of the page hits (which, there is literally none at the moment…).

Anyway, I ended up finding out that it actually isn’t hard at all getting WordPress setup on my host. I spent more time choosing the right theme and customizing it than installing the blog. It was pretty much a one-click process.

Another thing that also held me back was that I didn’t really have anything to post about on that blog yet(still don’t have any) , so I thought it’s kinda pointless to set one up.

While we’re at it. I’ve also done some things to the structure of the website for Infinity Box Studio. Before I had basically the entire website inside a sub-directory called “InfinityBoxStudio/” and had htaccess redirect the main domain to the index.html file inside the sub-directory (I wanted to avoid cluttering the main directory).  This ended up giving very ugly web addresses like this one:

[code language=”html”]

I’ve fixed this by setting up a “home” sub-domain and have htaccess redirect all main domain access to the “home” sub-domain. Now everything looks prettier like this:

[code language=”html”]

To be honest, I really hate this htaccess stuff. Confusing enough. Guess I just don’t have time to look into it yet. Eventually I might look into replacing the entire website with another WordPress blog.

Speaking of Infinity Box. My game project, Project-K has been going slow since Uni started. You can blame the interactive graphics unit that I’m taking this semester. It’s all about computer graphics, graphics pipelines and OpenGL. Because of that, I’ve started an experimental project with OpenGL. Right now it’s mostly just writing some classes to encapsulate window creation and handling. The project uses GLFW internally for that and input handling, so I’m also trying  to implement an Event system to further encapsulate stuff and make things look nicer when using GLFW. Originally I started with Freeglut, which is also what’s being used by the unit materials. The few posts on the internet seem to suggest that GLFW is a much better choice for game development as it gives more control over the main loop. I’m having kind of a hard time seeing the difference between the two yet, but I’m sure I will discover more as I dig more into it. With that, I’ve fallen into the dilemma of whether I should use my GLFW stuff to run the unit lab projects and examples or stick with Freeglut.

Rest assure, work is still being done on Project-K, it will just happen a lot slower with Uni happening. It’s good in a way. I can spend more time to think before I code, instead of just code and hope things work and play nicely together. We will see how that turns out. Hopefully by the end of the year the engine will be more complete, then I can start prototyping the actual game. Before that can happen, a small game will be developed along side and as part of the engine to make sure that it works.

I had more to tell but I think this is enough for today. Bye for now!

A pleasant surprise. The return of “Krave”

It’s been a while. My general laziness to speak and my undiminished hate for writing have held me back from the blog for the last couple weeks. Even though it is uni holidays. For whom it may concern, I’ve been working a lot the past few weeks, as well as working on my little game project.

Anyway,  my mother gave me a  pleasant surprise when she got home the other day. She bought home a couple of boxes of Kellogg’s “Krave” cereals !

2013-07-23 17.52.39Man, do I love them!

A long while ago they were sold in Coles as Cole’s only. After a while they disappeared all of a sudden. It was a sad day for me when I found that out. As you can see. Now they reappeared as “limited edition” and it’s now sold only by Woolworth’s . What did I do? Went back to the shops and got a couple more boxes!

Put that a side. I’ve also chipped in and bought a DSLR with my cousin. Photography is an expensive hobby and one that I actually don’t have much time for. It’s fun none the less, and I’ve been taking some photos. [Link to my Flickr page]

Anyway. That’s all for now. Bye.

Infinity Box Studios

Infinity Box Studio
The prototype Infinity Box Studios logo

With work already started on my first game project, I’ve came up with a name for my own “studio” and registered a new domain with new hosting. The game will be a remake of the old Stick Soldiers franchise, with new features coming later(more posts on this in the future). Stick Soldiers 2 was never completed, and Stick Soldiers 3 was also abandoned. I liked the game enough that I think I should try bringing it back.

The DDNS on my Synology NAS has been causing me a lot of grief lately so I’ve also moved my personal website along with my little brother Kevin’s little website onto the new domain. I will probably keep it around for site development and update testing.

There isn’t much content as for now, but stay tuned!

At last, links to the new and old sites:

Bye now.



My dedication for the next two or few years.

It was funny when I’ve finally decided that I wanted to become a programmer, a software developer. The builder of something that is the glue of all trades in this digital world. It all seemed so long a go.

Being a programmer, fundamentally meant one thing. To speak one or multiple languages that are at the end of the day, just a bucket load of 1’s and 0’s. Not only that, but to express ideas freely and creatively using those languages. To cultivate innovations and revolutions. Kind of like a poet and his poems, except with programming languages.

I wasn’t sure which one to start with. Where to take my first step and dip my foot in without drowning and be forced to retreat like a coward. With the massive variety programming languages out there, I did not want to learn or know them all. It was clear that the mastery of one is better than minimal knowledge of a couple. I also desired the highest performance and the best flexibility without losing fine grain control and power. With the general trend shifting favour to scripting, dynamic languages and producing web applications instead of native ones. It seemed like lower level programming languages will soon become what some might call a forgotten art to the majority of the “developer” community. Especially with the ever decreasing difficulty in application development with the newer high level programming languages.

At the end, I chose C++. I’ve decided to tame this beast and master it with all I can.

Was this the right decision? Is this a good investment?
Only time will tell.